Metaloodus (meta – abbreviation of metaphor; loodus – nature in Estonian) was something that crossed my mind by chance when I was picking the name for my personal blog in the beginning of 2016.

The initial idea of the blog – to share my (often philosophical) thoughts on life as well as telling stories about my trips in Estonian wilderness. Things have evolved rapidly since then and as a result I’ve ended up discovering what I love the most – hiking in Estonian bogs, forests and coastal lines; strengthening the lost connections between people and nature; writing articles/taking photos to spread the story of Estonian nature and our people in it.

I truly believe that the storytelling and conscious usage of our five senses create the underlying “software” for experiencing and interpreting natural environments. Therefore during my day  or night tours I always try to give people from other countries better context by focusing on those core elements. The goal? To introduce my guests our beautiful landscapes through the eyes of Estonian nature enthusiast and to give them very Estonian perspective on life. Join me! 🙂

Romet Vaino

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Bog tours in summer 2019

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