Kasari river is like a pathway through the vast wilderness of West-Estonia. Since the last tens of kilometers of this water flow are located in Matsalu National Park, it’s forbidden to sail on the Kasari river unless you have a special permit. I’m happy to announce that the Estonian Environmental Board has given the green light for my canoeing trips and you are very welcome to join me on this little journey.


Depending on the season, we could see moose, roe deers and wild boars on the meadows. Beavers on the water and white-tailed eagles, different species of goose and countless other birds in the air. Especially during the migrating season either in the autumn or in the spring.

There are 2 main routes for the journey. You can either pick one of the routes or we could put them together and spend half a day on the water.

From Kasari river bridge to Kloosti watchtower (11km)

From Kloostri watchtower to Suitsu river bridge (11km)


I use strong, stable and comfortable canoes


The minimum fee is 200 eur and the price includes all the necessary gear, hot food (we will cook something in the wilderness for sure!) and a tour guide for up to 6 people. The schedule is very flexible, meaning that we could do it even 4 am in the morning or whenever the Sun is rising and animals are most active. On some rare occasions, we can discuss the price (f.e. if you’re only on your own). Don’t hesitate to contact me at romet.vaino@gmail.com.


See you in Matsalu!