Staying overnight in Estonian wilderness is a chance to take your nature experience one step (or few) further

Coming for a 3-4 hour hike is just a glimpse of Estonian wilderness. You can taste some berries, enjoy the views and perhaps swim in a bog lake or paddle down the river on a canoe. But there’s more out there. I believe that to get the real sense of the environment you need to spend at least a night there. Take a walk out of the camp in the darkness and feel the mystery.

I decided to find a way for this and as a result, I came up with an idea of overnight tours. So far I’ve been mostly doing those for Estonians, but I see that more and more foreigner are up for an experience that is very NON-touristic and will take them to places that are not very often mentioned in brochures introducing Estonia. In fact, many of the places and activities are not done by locals as well. So I believe it’s a very authentic experience.


I can assume that a foreigner visiting Estonia doesn’t have much hiking gear with him or her. To make your life easier I will provide you the most critical elements:

  • Backpack
  • Sleeping bag
  • Bog shoes
  • Rubber boots (if needed – boots are a better alternative)
  • Hammock

In addition, to take care of you, I will organize food as well. We can choose to spend a night in an official hiking site and have a bonfire or we can go to the woods and I will take a gas stove with me. Either way, we will have warm food with us. If you’re a vegan – just let me know and we can adjust the menu. 🙂

I’m very flexible when it comes to timing. Depending on the season the best time to start with this kind of tour varies. For example, in the winter it makes more sense to start earlier and in the summer it’s the opposite – it’s wise to ignore hot midday and start sometime in the evening. It really a matter of negotiations. 😉

There is also no need to worry about logistics. I will come and pick you up from Tallinn if needed.



The price depends on the details and can vary between 150-250 eur per person. Maximum group size is 3 people. I’m not a big agency but one person behind his passion, so do not hesitate to contact me and ask even the most stupid questions possible. :))