Touristic nature tour on the official trail sounds too mainstream? If you’re interested in a customized tour just for yourself or for your group, you´ve come to the right place!

My name is Romet and as a tour guide, I am willing to take foreigners closer to Estonian nature and offer them opportunities to expand their nature experience. This could mean hiking with snowshoes/bogshoes off the beaten track near Tallinn, swimming in bog lakes, cooking on a fire in the middle of nowhere, staying overnight and sleeping in hammocks in bogs of Central Estonia, organizing a two-day canoe trip in Soomaa or Matsalu National park together with traditional sauna, challenging yourself with an overnight trip in the winter and hiking over the frozen bog or going on a landscape photography tour. Or skating on the frozen lakes…

I see myself as a flexible tour guide who can customize your experience based on your interest, physical capabilities, budget, available time and seasonal circumstances. I most familiar with bogs of Central and Northern Estonia, coastal areas of Northern Estonia (Lahemaa National Park and Pakri peninsula), Soomaa National Park and Matsalu National Park. In 2020 Im doing my best to write about all the great things the Estonian nature can offer in my blog.

Before planning your trip to Estonia I suggest you read my Complete guide of visiting Estonian bogs get inspired by Thrillist’s article about 3-day vacation in Tallinn, including my bog tours. 🙂


Romet Vaino


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