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For who?

I believe my tours are meant for curious minds who would like to get the glimpse of Estonian wilderness – either by hiking on the bogs or canoeing in Matsalu National Park. Those tours are not specialized birding or mammal tours, but rather a chance to get a glimpse of our nature in general. For this, I will usually (depends on you!) take you off the official trails and boardwalks. My tours will provide you more freedom – f. e. you can take photos as long as you want and not worry about being left behind the group. Take it as a custom made tour in places, where tourists almost never reach. Previous experience in hiking is not needed. Even 10-year-olds have managed to keep the pace! 🙂

How is this organised?

I usually offer two types of tours:

Day tours:

Those tours take place when the sun is up. The time really depends on you – I try to be as flexible as possible. The experience says we usually spend about 3-4 hours in the bog ( + 2 hours to drive to tour destination and back). You can join my in many ways: a) I can come and pick you up b) you can rent a car and take this tour as a part of your road trip. I will provide you bogshoes (see picture below) which makes moving in this wet landscape a way easier. The best footwear to use is (rubber) boots. I’m also aware of the fact that a tourist might not have them, so let me know and I will help you out! 😉 Plus I always have my backpacking stove with me, so we will have very enjoyable tea pause and something to eat during our adventure. The best time to start is about 1-1.5 hours before the sunrise. In the summer it means waking up 3–4 AM. 🙂


day tour in a bog



Pancakes + bog + good company = bless


Sunset and sunrise tours in a bog:

Sunset and sunrise tours have been phenomenally popular among Estonians. The best time for this is July and August when we have warm nights. But I also organize those on other months as well – hiking in the bog during a winter night under a full moon is something almost psychedelic in my opinion. 🙂 The setup for night tours is basically the same as it is for day tours. We can agree when and where will I pick you up, where exactly would we go, how much time would it take and if there’s anything you would need in addition (equipment, food etc.). The best time to start is about 1-1,5 hours before sunset (20-21 o’clock in July-August).

See prices here.

sunrise in a bog

Enjoying misty bog and silence



For further interest, take a look at my blog in English

See my Youtube channel in English here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3e99Enx8157EooN0f23-aA

How to contact me?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re planning to visit Estonia tomorrow, next week or month, or next year – just write me what would you like to see/experience or ask my suggestions. 🙂

You can contact me via:

E-mail: romet.vaino@gmail.com

Facebook: a) personal profile https://www.facebook.com/romet.vaino

Facebook: b) business profile https://www.facebook.com/metaloodus/

Instagram direct messagehttps://www.instagram.com/metaloodus/