Bog tours in summer 2019

Hi guys!

I decided to share some photos of private tours for fellow Estonians and foreigners. Although those hikes takes place whenever you customers request them to happen, I still try to persuade you to choose either an evening or early morning. The latter is often best choice when hoping to see a misty landscape. Im sure the following photos will give you at least some motivation to get up a few hours before sunrise. 🙂 Oh and ofcourse we will have some hot meal along the way. Banana pancakes in the wilderness? Why not! 🙂

swim in a bog
Morning swim in a bog lake
A collective admiration of the Mother Nature!
This photo is taken at 4.30 am. Is it worth waking up early? Absolutely.
An enlightened hiker! 🙂
Two chefs cooking pancakes in the wilderness.

If any of those photos convinced you to step off the official trail and dive into the wilderness, you are very welcome to reach out to me at or via Metaloodus Facebook page.

See ya!



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